BIRDS OF ICELAND : Anas crecca, Common Teal

Anas crecca; the Common Teal is the smallest of the dabbling ducks. First except my apology for the poor picture quality: it was an unprepared quick snapshot. As I have not been able to take a better photo of the common teal on Iceland. I can not, at the time being, offer you any better. The male of the common teal has a green stripe running from the eye down into the neck, The bright yellow anal region of the drake is often the best characteristic to recognize this bird. The female has very little readily recognizable traits except for the small size (35 cm, mallard apr. 55 cm.). On Iceland it generally occurs in lowland marshy regions where it breeds. During winter common teals can be found where waters don't freeze (thermal warm waters!).

A brief introduction to Iceland birds
Text & Photographs by Dick Vuijk
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Other Waterfowl species

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