BIRDS OF ICELAND : Gavia immer, Great Northern Diver

Gavia immergreat northern divers are black-textured water birds. Quite conspicuous is the white collar with black stripes on the long neck. It is a true water bird that is unable to walk on its legs and only creeps to the shore for nesting. It is also an aggressive bird during breeding and they will attack and even kill ducks coming in to close to the nests. It breeds along marshy edges of lakes. It is an American species, where it is more commonly known as loon. Iceland is the most eastern geographical breeding area but outside the breeding season it frequents western and northern coasts of Europe. The winter cloak is a rather grayish-brown on top and lighter below. For differences with the red-throated diver: see information on the red-throated diver.

A brief introduction to Iceland birds
Text & Photographs by Dick Vuijk
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Other Waterfowl species

Other Waterfowl species

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