BIRDS OF ICELAND : Phalaropus fulicarius, Grey Phalarope

Phalaropus fulicarius; the grey phalarope is much more rare on Iceland compared to the red-necked phalarope. In some areas they can be quite abundant in some years though. It is a more an arctic species than its red-necked cousin. It can best be distinguished by the larger and more stocky appearance in combination with a reddish bellow (more pronounced in the female) and a heavier beak. As with the red-necked phalarope, the female grey phalarope is more colorful than the male, reflecting a life stile where the male takes care of eggs and young rather than the female. The English name "grey" is rather odd. At least the female is quite colorful red during the breeding season. The American name is Red Phalarope (not to be confused with the Red-necked Phalarope!). Outside the breeding season it is a rather black & white bird foraging on the Atlantic Ocean.

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