BIRDS OF ICELAND : Uria lomvia, Brünnichs guillemot syn: thick-billed murre

Uria lomvia; the Brünnich's guillemot (syn. thick-billed murre) is very similar to the common guillemot both in appearance as in behavior. They can be distinguished by the characteristic white streak under the eyes. Also, during the breeding season the black part (head/back) are deeper black whereas the black parts of the common guillemots tend to be slightly rusty. It is a more northern specie than the common guillemot. This is also reflected in the distribution on Iceland where the Brünnich's are more common on the northern coasts. Its general distribution also suggests a northern replacement of the common guillemot: breeding colonies are found from Iceland, Greenland and the arctic isles of the Atlantic. During winter they stay in the northern Atlantic regions.

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A brief introduction to Iceland birds
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