Credits to Contribuants

- The following people have greatly helped me in building this site:

Daniel Bergmann: An Icelandic nature photographer who has contributed freely some of his pictures to my site. Moreover, the trip he invited me to join in the summer of 2001 gave me a lot of inside information about less common bird life on Iceland. It was a great joy for me to photograph with him red-throated divers and to be at Jökulsaurlon during a clear-skied midnight. A portfolio of his photography can be found here.

Jóhan Óli Hilmarsson: Jóhan Óli Hilmarsson is in is own right one of the most inspiring bird naturalist of Iceland. I was a lucky person to have met him in the "field" of Iceland. He has been a very altruistic contribuant to my site. He is both an excellent bird photographer as well as an inspiring organizer of avian-ecological survey studies, as well as a proponent of sensible land&energy usage of Iceland. Hats off!! He is also the author of the book "Icelandic Birds Guide" (publisher: Iðunn - ISBN 9979-1-0379-5). The efforts by Jóhan Óli and his colleagues to create wild-life sanctuaries (nature reserves) in southern Iceland, where original lowland wetlands are restored have to be praised.

Árni Einarsson: director of the Mývatn Research Station. He allowed me an extensive interview in 1999 where he presented to me the ecological dynamics and the social implications of these dynamics, of the Mývatn lake region. The site of the Mývatn Research Station is very interesting and can be found here.

Hörður Kristinsson is the foremost botanist of Iceland. The information he offered the general public on floral element on Iceland has been one of my foremost sources on plant life on Iceland. His site on the flora of Iceland can be found here

Ian L. Jones, of the Atlantic Cooperative Wildlife Ecology Research Network / Department of Biology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, for the photo of the dovekie.

Robert Snell allowed me to use his photo of the merlin. Alan Spellman of the Mull island bird site was very helpful as an intermediate. More bird photography of Robert Snell, Alan Spellman and others can be viewed at this site.

David Faden, of the Gilbert Post for providing me a good internal search program for my site. This search program was active on the site for many years but had to be replaced by a commercial package because the old Java-applet based software became obsolete in time.

The following persons also made special contributions to the Natural History of Iceland Site:
* Michael Zepf for his image of Lomatogonium rotatum
* Ruud Schaafsma for his image of Saxifraga cotyledon
* Arnold Jansen for his image of chickens of the golden plover : Pluvialis apricaria
* More important than the image contributions, both Ruud and Arnold have been most inspiring persons whose enthousiasm for Iceland have been a stimulus for me to further develop this site !

Natural History of Iceland Site  in Dutch

Natural History of Iceland Site  in Dutch