Links for landscapes of Iceland on the net
This leads to the site of the Nordic Volcanological Center. The site of this center contains a wealth of information on Icelandic geological features. Their links page is also very usefull for further interesting sites.
This is the famous site of Ed Jackson of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For many years his efforts of presenting photo's and paintings of the Icelandic country has been praised by the internet community interested in Iceland. The name of the site is simply "A collection of Icelandic Photographs by Ed Jackson". Hats off!
The landscape pictures of Jim Miller 's pages go beyond the average site of tourists putting their photo's made on an Iceland holiday tip on the net. This is also reflected by the fact that many pictures show Iceland's beauty in seasons tourists usually don't appear, like winter sceneries. Its all proffessional quality.
This is the Wikipedia page on the geology of Iceland.