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Club mosses, Horsetails and True Ferns
Woody species Heather & related berry species
Dock, Goosefoot Purslane and Nettle family
Saxifrage, Rose, Poppy, Buttercup & Stonecrop family species
Willowherb, Carrot & Ivy and Pea family species
Mustard family species
Pink family species
Plantain's, Mare's Tail, Water-starworts, Speedwells
Violets and remaining free-petal species
Gentian, Figwort & Mint family species
Daisy family species
All others species with fused petals
Lily-like monocotyledon groups including rushes
Water plants

Plants on Iceland

Flora of Iceland: Welcome to the plants section of the Natural History of Iceland site.
This section will offer you in a pleasant way information on the flora of Iceland.

I drew up the The Natural History of Iceland site from personal enthousiasm. It does not pretend to be complete, however all common, nearly all rather less common species and quite a few rare species are treated. A characteriztion of the flora of Iceland can be found in the background pages. Also you can find further information on Icelandic plants on the "links" pages and the books & literature page (both can be found in the "more topics" section). If you want to retrieve info on a specific plant species you can open the search page.
Unless stated otherwise, all photo's shown here have been made on Iceland by Dick Vuijk.