FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Alchemilla faeroënsis, Faeroeic lady's-mantle, Maríuvöttur

Alchemilla faeroënsis; the Faeroeic lady's-mantle is a species only growing on the Faeroe Islands and eastern Iceland. On first sight it resembles the common Lady's-mantle. The feature by which the two species can be told apart is the shape of the leaves. Both have lobed leaves of about 7 lobes (with toothed margins). Where the lobes of common Lady's-mantle are fused at the point where the lobes come together, the lobes of the Faeroeic Lady's-mantle are split further down from the point where the lobes line up in the leaf shape. This split however, is not all the way down to the base of the leaf like in the Alpine Lady's-mantle where the "lobes" are single leaflets. This is clearly shown in the photo where single leaves of the three common Icelandic Lady's-mantles are depicted. The teeth along the margins of the leaves are slightly longer in the Faeroeic Lady's-mantle.
It is a member of the Rose family (Rosaceae). The Icelandic name of this species is Maríuvöttur.

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Other Rose family members

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