FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Alopecurus aequalis, Orange Foxtail

Alopecurus aequalis; the Orange Foxtail can easily be identified as a foxtail. It differs from the other foxtails by having short awns on the glumes, hardly exceeding the spikelets. As such the spike like panicles seem "hair;ess". Other foxrails have long awns easily to be seen without magnifying glass.

The Orange Foxtail is more or less commonon Iceland. It grows on in very wet habitats, like seasonal drying ponds, on mudbanks along streams and rivers and other marshy grounds.

The Orange Foxtail is a member of the grass family (Poaceae, also known as Gramineae). The Icelandic name of the Orange Foxtail is Vatnsli├░agras.

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