FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Anthoxanthum odoratum, Sweet Vernal-grass

Anthoxanthum odoratum; the Sweet Vernal-grass has a strong cumarine odour. It grows in drier habitats all over Iceland - except for the most desert-like barren regions. It is a middle sized grass about 40 cm tall at flowering/fruiting stage - but the size can vary depending on the local conditions. The awns on the lemma's of the flowers are readily seen on the panicles. The panicles are very much compact resembling spikes. I photographed this plant near the pass between the eastern locality Husavik and Loðmundarfjörður. But as already said it is a common grass in Icelandic's wilderness. It is a member of the Grass family (Gramineae/Poaceae).

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Text & Photographs by Dick Vuijk
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a few culms
photo of a single inflorescence (a spike-resembling panicle)
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