FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Carex nigra, Common Sedge

Carex nigra; The Common Sedge is a very common sedge growing on wet soils and along rivers and streams in all regions of Iceland. It is a rather variable species, plants ranging form 20 to 80 cm. The top spike has the male flowers. After blooming it turns brownish. The female spikes (two to four) are based on short stalks on the upper half of the stem. They cylindrically shaped and are light-green with blackish bracts.
It is a member of the sedge family (Cyperaceae)

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A brief introduction to common Iceland plants
Text & Photographs by Dick Vuijk
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A complete culm taken out of a bog, laid on stony ground
The inflorescences of Carex nigra can be dominantly green with black stripes to all black: here's a black specimen
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