FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Carex vaginata, Sheathed Sedge

Carex vaginata; The Sheathed Sedge is a sedge that grows up to 45 cm maximum (20 cm minimum). It is common from western Iceland, northern Iceland and eastern Iceland - but rare in southern Iceland and the interior deserts. Typically the spikes are rather short. Having said this,though, the Carnation Sedge (Carex panicea) that can be found in the same regions where the Sheathed Sedge is found, is very similar. Differences are:
- The Sheathed Sedge (C. vaginata) has brighter green leaves and lighter-coloured utricles. The Carnation Sedge is more bluish in color.
- The utricles on the female spikes are lighter green with strong contrasting black bracts in the Sheathed sedge.
- The Sheathes Sedge grows on rather dry soils where the Carnation Sedge grows on wet soils and bogs.
It is a member of the sedge family (Cyperaceae).
The Sheathed Sedge (C. vaginata) is a member of the sedge family (Cyperaceae). The Icelandic name of this species is Sliðrastör.

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