FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Dactylis glomerata, Cock's-foot

Dactylis glomerata; the Cock's-foot is a tall grass that has been introduced in Iceland. The spikelets have 2-4 flowers. It can easily be recognized by the shape of the panicle: the spikelets are grouped in a few compact clusters. When flowering this grass can not be misstaken for aby other.

The Cock's-foot is not common in wilderness regions but is quite often found in pastures and around urban settlements. Occasionally it does find its way in more natural areas but most often only when there have been disturbed by some kind of human activities.

The Cock's-foot is a member of the grass family (Poaceae, also known as Gramineae). The Icelandic name of the Cock's-foot is Axhnoðapuntur.

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