FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Festuca richardsonii, Arctic Fescue

Festuca richardsonii; the Arctic Fescue is a very common grass on Iceland. Characteristically the inflorescence stem has spikelet's closely pressed to the main stem. The many leaves are very narrow shaped (less than 1mm). The plant forms creeping runners. This species is sometimes regarded to be a subspecies of the Red Fescue (Festuca rubra) which has been introduced on Iceland too for meadow-improvement. The latter though - unlike the Arctic Fescue - has almost hairless spikelet's. The Arctic Fescue grows almost everywhere on Iceland, but has a slight preference for sandy soils. It can also be found on different soils though.
It is a member of the Grass family (Graminae, also known as Poaceae).

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Leaves of the Arctic Fescue (F. richardsonii)
reload first photo of inflorescence of the Arctic Fescue