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FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Juncus bulbosus, Bulbous Rush

Juncus bulbosus; The Bulbous rush often grows submerged. The leaves of the submerged have a needle-like shape. When ponds dry-up in summer the plants generally turn red and the leaves are very narrow spoon-shaped. They can then form low red mats as the stems creep over the ground. It is the only rush which grow roots on the internodial junctions of the stem. Obviosly this plant grows in or along ponds and lakes. The flowers are usually reddish. If the plant grows on moist moist - but not submerged - the plant is green. The opening photo shows a plant growing under a relative dry condition. It than has a more tufted growth. Next photo's are of plants on a dried pond: more creeping life style followed by photo's of a creeping form in a moss vegetation near thermal grounds.
It is a member of the rush family (Juncaceae

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