FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Leontodon autumnalis, autumn hawkbit

Leontodon autumnalis; The Autumn Hawkbit is common in most regions but for the deserts of the barren highlands. It has leaves very similar in shape to the dandelion. It can be distinguished by the flowering stems: the dandelion has hollow stems each having just one flower head. In the hawkbits they are not hollow and each single stem often has more than one flowering head. Hawkweeds (Hieracium species) also have similar yellow flower heads. They have entire leaves and have flower heads that are rounded at the base. The autumn hawkbit has flower heads which are clearly tapered at the base. For a note on the name relation of the dandelion and Leontodon, see the page of the dandelion.
It is a member of the Asteraceae family (= Compositae ), the daisy family. The Icelandic name of this species is Skarifífill.

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detail from opening photo showing branched stems
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detail from opening photo showing branched stems

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