FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Myosotis arvensis, Field Forget-me-not, Gleym-mér-ei

Myosotis arvensis; The Field Forget-me-not is the most common forget-me-not of Iceland. It grows on relative dry places like grasslands and heathers. It has some preference though, for human-influenced habitat's but also grow's in areas that can be regarded as wilderness.
Compared to other Myosotis species it has medium-sized flowers (4-5mm). Other forget-me-nots on Iceland are:

Myosotis scorpioides; The Water Forget-me-not grows in wet area's along river banks and also some thermal soils. This species is regarded as a non-Icelandic species but is now naturalized. It grows on wet soils and can be recognized on first glance by the relative large flowers (7-8mm). A more definitive charactaristic trait are the hairs on the calyx. These are only of the short appressed type. All other Icelandic Myosotis species have (also) long outward spreading hairs.

Myosotis stricta; The Strict Forget-me-not can be identified by the fruit stems: very short, almost sessile. They also have very small flowers (less than 2mm). It grows on dry soils. It is rare found most in the north and north-west.

Very rare is Myosotis discolor; the Changing Forget-me-not. It can be identified by the combination of white, yellow and blue flowers on the stalk. It also has small flowers (2-3mm) which only grows in some localities of the south and south-west.

Myosotis species i.e. Forget-me-nots are members of the Borage family (Boraginaceae). The Icelandic name of this species is Gleym-mér-ei.

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