FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Myriophyllum alternifolium, Alternate Water-milfoil

Myriophyllum alternifolium; the Alternate Water-milfoil is a rather common water-plant on Iceland. Basically one can find it anywhere in ponds and lake-sides except for the interior highlands. The foliage grows under water but the inflorescence stalks rise above the water level. A similar species with coarser leaves is Myriophyllum sibiricum (Common Water-milfoil). This species grows mainly in the (central) northern regions of Iceland
It is a member of the Water-milfoil family (Haloragaceae).

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A brief introduction to common Iceland plants
Text & Photographs by Dick Vuijk
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Flower stalks emerging from the water surface

More detailed picture of flowers emerging from the water surface

Photo of flowers of the Alternate Water-milfoil

Flowers and submmerged leaves

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