FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Nardus stricta, Mat-grass

Nardus stricta; the Mat-grass is most common in the western, northern and eastern regions of Iceland, but less common in the south. This grass can be identified by the following traits: the inflorescence is a single spike on a flowering stem. The spikelet's at first during the blooming phase are purple and pressed to the stem. Later at maturing they spread from the stem. Most characteristic are the two rows of the spikelet's both placed on side of the inflorescence stem. This is unique amongst grasses on Iceland. The leaves (slightly grayish-green) are very narrow and the plant forms dense tussocks.

It is a member of the Grass family: Poaceae), previously known as Gramineae. The Icelandic name of Lyme-grass is Finnungur.

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A brief introduction to Iceland plants
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Tussock of the Mat-grass (Nardus stricta)
Focus on inflorescence
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Tussock of the Mat-grass

Focus on inflorescence

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