FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Hieracium islandicum, Icelandic Hawkweed, Islandsfífill

Hieracium islandicum; The Icelandic Hawkweed can best be identified bij the long black hairs on stems. Unlike other hawkweeds om Iceland, this hawkweed belongs to the Pilosella-section of the Hieracium genus. Some name this species Pilosella islandica. The generic name "Pilosella" is contested, though. Many floral specialist believe Pilosella species are really Hieracium species belonging to the sub-genus (section) Pilosella. A fundamental difference seems to be that seeds from the Pilosella species can be formed bij fertilization. In the section Hieracium this never happens (see  Hieracium spp).
The Icelandic name of this species is Islandsfífill.

Hieracium spp (introduction page on hawkweeds)
Hieracium alpinum (Alpine Hawkweed)
Hieracium thaectolepium (Hillside Hawkweeed)
Hieracium aquiliforme (Hearth Hawkweed)
Hieracium strictophyllum (Stain-leaved Hawkweed)
One more Hieracium spp (a Hawkweed))

They are members of the Asteraceae (syn.: Compositae) family, i.e. daisy family.

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Other Daisy family members

Other Daisy family members

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