FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Poa trivialis, Rough Meadow-grass

Poa trivialis; Rough Meadow-grass is a large perennial grass that grows in areas with ample nutrients and moist. No surprise it is often found near human settlements and agricultural regions. It can grow up to just over 1 meter at maximum. Quite characteristic are their long pointed ligules (0.5 to 1 cm; the ligules of grasses are the membranous sheaths on the leaves where the leaves spread). Smaller specimens can be quite similar to larger specimens of the Smooth Meadow-grass (Poa pratensis). The latter has no or very short ligules while the inflorescence of the Rough Meadow-grass is more greenish compared to the blue-purple coloured inflorescence of the Smooth Meadow-grass.
It is a member of the grass family (Poaceae, also known as Gramineae).

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