FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Potamogeton gramineus, Various-leaved Pondweed

Potamogeton gramineus; the Various-leaved Pondweed is a common pondweed on Iceland. This plant grows both with submerged leaves and floating leaves in ponds and lakes. On Iceland there are a few more Potageton species growing in ponds, lakes, waterways. They can be differentiated by their leaf-shapes. One has to take into account that submerged leaves and surface leaves can differ. On the page of the Red Pondweed a table is presented how to differentiate these species. You can open this table small green right arrow here

Alas I do not have pictures of other Potamogetonaceae (pondweed family) members yet.

Potamogeton_gramineus / Various-leaved pondweed is a member of the pondweed family (Potamogetonaceae).

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More detailed view of leaves and inflorescenses - note the differences between submerged and floating leaves.
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