FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Puccinellia distans ssp borealis, Reflexed Saltmarsh-grass

Puccinellia distans ssp borealis; the Reflexed Saltmarsh-grass is best characterized by by the reflexed branchlets of the maturing inflorescence. This differentiates it from P. maritima. Also before maturing the inflorescence is more open. The spikelets have 5-7 flowers.

The Reflexed Saltmarsh-grass is common along sandy and rocky shores. It is also found more inland. It is less confined to salinity as P. maritima

See also note on the names on the page of  P. maritma

The Reflexed Saltmarsh-grass is a member of the grass family (Poaceae, also known as Gramineae). The Icelandic name of the Reflexed Saltmarsh-grass is Varpafitjungur.

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