FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Rheum sp., Rhubarb

Lat naam; the Rhubarb is a vegetable. So why is it mentioned here? Well, for two reasons. The first is that it has struck me that rhubarb is planted in Iceland often outside of gardens in meadows and grasslands. Growth of this crop is quite vigorous on Iceland. I have also noted that flower stalks are not cut away (a common habit by farmers and home growers in Europe). The second reason I treat ths plant as a wild plant (which it isn't!) is that I eat any vegetable with one exception: rhubarb!
It seems that rhubarb is actually a hybrid of Rheum rhabarbarum and Rheum rhaponticum
It is a member of the Dock family (Polygonaceae). The Icelandic name of this species is Rabarbari.

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