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Your contribution

My own effort on building a site on the Nature of Iceland is obviously anything but complete. It is an undertaking to much for one individual. If you feel you can contribute to this site please contact me.

Basically there are two ways in which one can make contributions:

* Add details, like adding information on specific bird or plant species. At this point I have to state that I am not interested in landscape photographs, unless they are of high quality. To make my point clearer: I am not interested in the general tourist snap-shots, however well the intentions are.

* Add major information on the Nature of Iceland not treated yet on this site. One can think of mosses on Iceland, insect and mammal life, but also on the marine life around Iceland - or the aquatic (fish) life on Iceland's rivers and lakes.

Even this list of aspects on the Nature of Iceland -not treated yet on the site on the Nature of Iceland- is incomplete. If you feel like adding information - either directly or by a link to your own site - please contact me.