FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Saxifraga stellaris, Starry Saxifrage, Stjörnusteinbrjótur

Saxifraga stellaris; the starry saxifrage could be confused with the tufted saxifrage (S. caespitosa, but it doesn't have the tendency to form mat-like structures. It differs by not having any leaflets on the flowering stem. Also, the flowering stems are more densely hairy. It also grows on very different soils than the tufted saxifrage. Very characteristic for the starry saxifrage are the two yellow dots on each petal. When the flowers are opened the fruitlets in the centre of the flower are first white but turn red as they develop later on. The starry saxifrage grows on bogs especially along mountain streams and creeks in moss-covered grounds. It is member of the saxifrage family (Saxifragaceae). The Icelandic name of this species is Stjörnusteinbrjótur.

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Other Saxifages and close relatives

Other Saxifrages and close relatives

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