BIRDS OF ICELAND : Falco rusticolus, Gyrfalcon

Falco rusticolus;  the Gyrfalcon is a typical polar-circumferencing species of the northern hemisphere. It is about the same size as common European goshawks but has characteristically more pointed wing tips and the general falcon shape. The color is variable and depends also on their habitat. Greenland gyrfalcons are very light. The Icelandic individuals are darker but on average still lighter than their mainland Scandinavian relatives. Ptarmigan is their main prey on Iceland and elsewhere as well. However they will also hunt waterfowl and small rodent-like mammals. Daniel Bergmann, the nature photographer who has offered me amongst others photo's of the gyrfalcon, has an interesting story about his personal experiences in photographing these birds as well as more general information (history of hunting, export for falconry, ecology, threats) about the gyrfalcon on Iceland. You can find his site here.

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A brief introduction to Iceland birds
Text & Photographs by Dick Vuijk
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 Gyrfalcon in flight.
 Young Gyrfalcons.
 Almost ready for flying.
 A young Gyrfalcon feeding on prey presented by parent.
 Perching Gyrfalcon (1).
 Perching Gyrfalcon (2).
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 Flying falcon.
 Young birds.
 Ready to fly.
 Chick feeding on prey from parent.
 Perching Gyrfalcon (1).
 Perching Gyrfalcon (2).
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