BIRDS OF ICELAND : Podiceps auritus, Slavonian grebe

Podiceps auritusthe Slavonian grebe is the only grebe-species breeding on Iceland. It is only common in the north-eastern region of Iceland (Myvatn) but can be found scattered elsewhere too, except for the north-western fjord peninsula's. For reasons not well understood, the modest population is not faring well and has decreased considerably in size during the last decades. Its appearance is so characteristic that it can not easily be confused with other species but for the black-necked grebe in Europe. The latter is not an Icelandic bird though. The Slavonian grebes can be found in nutrient rich lowland-waters where they build floating nests of plant material. The larger part of the population migrate to Europe, though some birds stay along the southern coast.

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A brief introduction to Iceland birds
Text & Photographs by Dick Vuijk
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