BIRDS OF ICELAND : Gallinago gallinago, snipe

Gallinago gallinago; snipes are common in all lowland regions of Iceland. Typically it can be found in wet meadows, moors and bogs. They make very characteristic sounds in flight, sometimes described as "drumming". It is produced by the rhythmic beating of the tail-feathers (the outer pen feathers) while steeply diving downwards. On the ground they hide perfectly invisible in the vegetation (heather lands). They stay put until one gets to close by accident after which they flee flying in panic. Most of the Iceland snipes winter on Ireland but snipes can be found wintering on the southern coastal regions of Iceland to. Other European snipe species like the great snipe, the Jack snipe and the woodcock are not Icelandic bird species.

A brief introduction to Iceland birds
Text & Photographs by Dick Vuijk
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Other Wader and Stilt species

Other Wader and Stilt species

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