Photo's of Icelandic Landscapes

The landscape of Iceland is truly mind-boggling. Although one can find lush pasture lands, Iceland is foremost known for its rugged country side. Volcanoes, thermal grounds, highland deserts and icecap's are striking features. But this is not a complete listing. One could mention the coastal fjords, the mountains, black-sand beeches and cliff coasts teeming with bird-life as well. And than there are also lakes, rivers and stunning waterfalls....

Slide shows
 Hiking from Skógar to Landmannalaugar: from the flanks of the Eyafjallajökull to the thermal mountains of inland southern Iceland
- a slide show of 57 photographs
 Hiking in the desolate north-western fjord district
- a slide show of 27 photographs
 Hiking in the very eastern fjord regions, from Borgarfjörður to Loðmundarfjörður
- a slide show of 18 photographs.

Special photography
 Black & White Photography Not yet available
 HDR photography Not yet available

 Old Section
This includes photocompilations from different regions and places, like Mývatn, Landmannalaugar, Veiðivötn, Nyídalur & Sprengisandur, Kverkfjöll, Highland deserts north of Vatnajökull, Skaftafell & Jökulsárlón, Snæfellsness, Ásbergi & nearby waterfalls, and other places.
Note: this old section is not smartphone-friendly


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