BIRDS OF ICELAND : Turdus iliacus, Redwing

Turdus iliacus; Redwings are relative small thrush birds compared to others like the black bird (T. merula) and the song thrush (T. philomelos). The name `redwing` obviously relates to the red bottom parts of the wings. On the ground also a red part below the wing is always visible. Compared to other thrushes with spotted bellies their top parts are quite dark. Also quite characteristic is the white line above the eye. On Iceland, the only other thrush species that can be seen regularly are the black bird and the Fieldfare (T. pilaris). Both are however, generally autumn and winter visitors of wood plantations and gardens, although breeding in small numbers does occur. The red wing is common, especially where trees grow. They can thus be seen mostly in birch woods and urban areas. Next to Iceland they breed in Scandinavia and north-eastern Europe. In winter they generally migrate south although on Iceland a small population remains during winter.

A brief introduction to Iceland birds
Text & Photographs by Dick Vuijk
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Other various species

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