FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Carex nigra subspecies nigra, Common Sedge, Mýrastör

Carex nigra; The Common Sedge has two variants: the subspecies nigra and juncea. For differences, see the page of "juncea"  here  here. Here the nigra subspecies is treated. It is a larger middle-sized sedge growing up to 60cm tall, it usually stays lower though. It is quite variable. Leaf rosettes emerge from rootstocks forming mats.
  - The leaves are about as long as the culms, rather narrow (up to 3mm wide), V-shaped. The bracts are long too, also about the same length as the inflorescence. They have small sheath which are colored light green to brown. The stomata are on the top side of the leaves. The culms are sharply triangular and rough.
  - The inflorescence consists of a terminal male spike and a few female spikes below. They are rather widely spaced. The scales are dark (black) with a lighter midrib. They are smaller than the developing utricles. The female flowers have two stigmas. The lens-shaped utricles taper into small beaks. The utricles vary from bright green to completely black. It is not unusual that the female spikes may have a few male flowers on top.
  - It is very common on Iceland growing in all sorts of wetlands and lake borders.
  - It is a member of the sedge family (Cyperaceae). The Icelandic name of this species is Mýrastör.

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Other Sedge family members (true sedges)

Other Sedge family members (true sedges)

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