FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Salix lanata, Woolly Willow, Loðvíðir

Salix lanata; the woolly willow is a common low shrub which can be found in all heather lands both in lowland but also in the highlands and mountains. It is a dioecious shrub. The woolly willow is sometimes difficult to tell from the arctic willow (Salix arctica). In spring the different coloured inflorescenses and the woolly top parts of the leaves of the woolly willow are easy characteristics. However, later on the woolly willow can lose much of the hairs on the top-side of the leaves. The dense haired twigs of the woolly willow than identifies the species. Another striking difference concerns the fruits. In this species (woolly willow) they are almost glabrous (meaning without hairs) whereas in the arctic willow they are densely hairy.
It is a member of the willow family (Salicaceae). The Icelandic name of this species is Loðvíðir.

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Other non-heather woody species

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