FLORA OF ICELAND elements: Salix phylicifolia, Tea-leaved Willow, Gulvíðir

Salix phylicifolia; the tea-leaved willow is common on Iceland. Compared to S. lanata and S. arctica the tea-leaved willow grows under (slightly) wetter conditions. It can easily be recognized by its narrower, completely glabrous leaves. It has a more "twiggy" appearance compared to the other willow species. The tea-leaved willow has been subject of many studies on its phytochemical substances in its leaves and the effect this has on predation by insects like aphids. It is a dioecious shrub.
It is a member of the willow family (Salicaceae). The Icelandic name of this species is Gulvíðir.

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Text & Photographs by Dick Vuijk
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