Around Bakkagerði: the eastern fjords of Iceland

There are two regions in Iceland where the landscape is dominated by fjords. This is in the north-west and in the south-east. Fjords are also present in other regions but not quite as a striking feature as in the mentioned regions. The slide show below is restricted to the very eastern part of the south-eastern region. It is a peacfull and gentle region not yet invaded by mass-tourism even though the seaport where the scheduled ferry from mainland Europe arives at Iceland is only a few miles away!

  • Heading for BakkagerðiWhile climbing to the pass towards Njarðvík it is worthwhile to look back at the Héraðfloi bay
  • Heading for BakkagerðiInnra Hvannagil: a gorge with waterfalls
  • Heading for BakkagerðiInnra Hvannagil: a wild river from the gorge
  • Heading for BakkagerðiCoastal mountains at Njarðvík -
  • BakkagerðiThe town of Bakkagerði at the coast of the Borgarfjörður
  • Bakkagerði to HúsavíkA stunnigly colored mountain in the main valley south of of Bakkagerði
  • Bakkagerði to HúsavíkThe main valley south of of Bakkagerði
  • Bakkagerði to HúsavíkWhile climbing to the pass between Bakkargerði and Húsavík one passes a little lake (Urðar Hólavatn). Note the yellow rhyolite mounatains in the background.
  • Bakkagerði to HúsavíkAt the pass one mountain catches the eye: Hvtitserkur. It has characteristic crack lines along the surface
  • At HúsavíkA minute settlement of two or three homes and one church
  • At HúsavíkThe church, neatly maintained in this remote valley
  • At HúsavíkHigher-up the valley the Hvitserkur mountain reigns
  • At HúsavíkRocky peaks tower the mountain ridges
  • Between Bakkagerði and BrúnavíkAt the pass height one is both above and below the clouds
  • Between Bakkagerði and BrúnavíkA peak seen from the pass height

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